WATCH: If Corporations Had Their Way, They’d Kill Conservatism

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  • 09/21/2022

Johnny Burtka, Executive Editor of The American Conservative, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News and spelled out the real battle between corporate America and conservative America.

"In the case of corporate monopolies this was something that Thomas Jefferson was so concerned about he actually urged that James Madison included it in the Bill of Rights," Burtka began.

"High industrial concentration results in higher prices for consumers and lower wages for workers. And who benefits? It's the multinational corporation with no allegiance to America, to our system of government, or to the values that conservatives hold dear.

"In fact, if multinational corporations had their way, they would do away with everything that conservatives value: the nation state, borders, family, and even the concept of citizenship itself. Anything that gets in the way of the individual and the market, they want it gone. They want complete control".




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