Lock and Load Big Dividend Yields in Refining Stocks

By Bryan Perry

I???ve been scouring the universe of dividend-paying stocks in search of depressed assets that are supported by strong fundamentals, but just happen to have sold off in sympathy with a down-and-out sector.

I???m speaking of the energy sector, where every rally attempt for the past year has been cut down amid fits and starts of the price swings in oil prices. WTI crude prices has swung in a range of $111.06 per barrel back in June 2014 to a $35.64 per barrel in January to make for a very erratic energy market.

Just in the past year, WTI traded above $73/bbl. and as low as the md-$35/bbl. level this past December. At its current price of $53/bbl., WTI seems have reached an equilibrium between big oil-producing OPEC and non-OPEC nations, along with global demand. But any semblance of balanced market conditions can be upended with a single headline following by huge gyrations in prices.

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