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How did Harry Reid become a millionaire? Don’t ask

There are some questions that must never be asked of those with the right Party credentials.

Seriously, don’t.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not even slightly interested in discussing how he cashed in on his political connections to become very wealthy after a lifetime of “public service.”  That’s a bit odd, since he spends a great deal of time criticizing other people’s money.  Of course, those people don’t have the right Party credentials, which is their problem, since such credentials are easily obtainable for a reasonable donation to people like Harry Reid.  It doesn’t even cost that much to get platinum-level membership, in which government agencies will be made to suppress reports that might embarrass you.

Here we have Reid’s bodyguard reacting very badly when author Jason Mattera dares to ask one of the questions media is not permitted to ask of the aristocracy:

I guess I can see why “investigative reporters” don’t hassle Reid about things like this, even when he’s falsely accusing other people of tax evasion.

In fairness, Jason already knows the answer to this question, having written a chapter on Harry Reid in his well-researched book on political profiteering.  He even offers to send Reid an autographed, custom-inscribed copy of the book, right there in the chapter about him.  And look at how he gets treated in return!

A responsible media would make people like Reid answer on the record from time to time.  Maybe we’ll have one of those someday, assuming Reid doesn’t remain Senate Majority Leader for another term, and make progress on his effort to repeal the First Amendment.

Do you have to answer more tough questions when you’re Senate Minority Leader, even if you have the right Party credentials?  Asking for a friend.

Update: On his radio show last night, Mark Levin asked why this incident isn’t being treated as a criminal assault against Jason Mattera, who was a guest on the show.  “I just think the fact that Harry Reid’s guy assaulted you, and he clearly did on video for asking a question, that some Republican in the Senate ought to speak out and file an ethics complaint,” said Levin.  “This is so outrageous.”  (Audio courtesy of the Daily Surge.)

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