Weak European Recovery Adds Fuel to Emerging Market Pyre

Weak European Recovery Adds Fuel to Emerging Market Pyre (AP)

Inflation across the 18-nation euro zone dropped to 0.7 percent in December last year, down from 0.9 percent in the month prior. That???s less than half of the inflation rate goal of 2 percent targeted by the European Central Bank. This under-performance could lead to another rate cut as soon as next week to bolster Europe???s recovery. Unfortunately, even another rate cut probably won???t be enough to help the funeral pyre of emerging markets that blazes at this moment. For many of these countries, the news out of Europe only stoked the flames started by last week???s decision from the U.S. Federal Reserve to further curtail stimulus activity by another $10 billion each month. With both events reducing global liquidity, the ability of emerging markets to rally near-term seems to have been made even more remote.  According to Reuters, emerging markets lost some $9 billion value in the past week alone! So, if you???re someone who prides him or herself on investing when there???s blood in the streets, you???re about to have your prayers answered.