Another reason Ken Cuccinelli needs to win

We probably don’t need another reason to support Ken Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia in what Bobby Jindal and others are calling “the most important political race in the country this year,” but just in case, there’s this from the Washington Post:

Many Democrats see Mc­Auliffe’s gubernatorial campaign as the ground floor of a would-be Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential run — with his Virginia operation serving as a farm team in a critical swing state and donors believing they can curry favor with her by helping Mc­Auliffe.

Ahh! If there’s one thing to be said for Democrats, they stick by each other, if only to perpetuate friendships of utility. Slick Willy himself flew to Florida in the spring as a favor to Cuccinelli’s challenger, Terry McAuliffe, “one of his best friends,” and raised $400,000 for his campaign.

John Morgan, the trial lawyer who hosted the fundraising event Clinton headlined, reportedly “pulled Clinton aside at his mansion that evening for a private chat,” and told Clinton, “If and when Hillary decides to do it, let this be her first stop in Florida.”

One Hillary advisor said she is “furious” about her presumed association with McAuliffe and his colorful campaign. Hillary knows better than to stand by her long-time “friend” when the going gets tough. Come on now.

For McAuliffe, his ties to the Clintons — for whom he has raised more than $400 million — are a double-edged sword. Those connections have helped McAuliffe raise far more money than his GOP opponent, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R), but they also give Republicans an opening to remind voters of scandals involving McAuliffe during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

A McAuliffe victory could boost Hillary even more, and his defeat could tarnish her reputation. Chances are people won’t remember the McAuliffe/Clinton connection come election time 2016, or else they won’t care; either way, Cuccinelli winning wouldn’t hurt.