Chris Versace's PowerTalk with CEO Yorgen Edholm of Accellion

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This week’s interview is with Yorgen Edholm CEO of Accellion, a leading enterprise cloud file sharing company. Accellion has 11 million customers across 1700 of the world???s leading companies.

Over the last year or so, you’ve probably heard a lot about ???the cloud??? but ask anyone what it is and you get a half baked description. In this interview you will hear the real deal. You???ll learn the ins and out of the cloud and why as an investor it should be important to you. The reality is there???s a lot to consider when you put our digital content in the cloud and choose a cloud provider be it for music, movies, personal documents or ones for work. Whether it???s Apple (AAPL) and iCloud, Microsoft (MSFT) and Skydrive, Google (GOOG) and its Drive solution or DropBox, there are shortcomings with each of them.

The cloud is a key aspect of my Always On, Always Connected PowerTrend that subscribers to my PowerTrend Profits newsletter are very familiar with. With this interview I take a deep dive into the cloud and how it fits into that PowerTrend with a mover and shaker in the space.

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