Liberal radio host calls for execution of Tea Party members

Hi there, Liberal Outrage Brigades!  I know it’s been a while since we talked, mostly because I didn’t have to pretend to talk to you any more, to prove that you’re disgusting hypocrites that don’t have an honest bone in your bodies.  It’s all about totalitarian power with you, not about “new tones” or “civil discourse” or any of that rot.

The last time we had a little chat, I was wondering how you could be so upset by Rush Limbaugh’s mockery of Sandra Fluke, when liberals routinely deploy far more viciously misogynistic language against conservative women they dislike.  Before that, we had a good laugh over the absurd efforts to somehow pin the Tucson shootings on a “climate of hatred” created by conservative talk radio hosts (and, for reasons even less clear to any clear-thinking person, Sarah Palin.)  And many of us marveled that the Left’s new-found insistence upon respect for religion only seemed to apply to one particular religion.

Well, here’s a little dash of outrage that combines every form of incivility and insensitivity, as liberal radio host Mike Malloy calls for the violent elimination of his political opponents, ideally administered by the Angel of Death:

No boycotts for this guy, right?  This is all just fine with the people who spent weeks after the Tucson shooting howling that Sarah Palin killed people by putting bulls-eye symbols on a map, right?  And the people who recoil from the thought of combining religion and politics, or respecting the exquisite sensitivities of some faith communities, will be totally cool with this jackass invoking God’s wrath to smite people who object to his political agenda, correct?  For that matter, Malloy is using a crude sexual slur, “teabaggers,” to refer to the people he hates.

Come to think of it, the Angel of Death figures most prominently in the story of Moses, who is recognized as a prophet by Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  President Obama said “the future must not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam,” but apparently liberals can insult some prophets with impunity.

Strip away the religious imagery and hateful wishes for the deaths of his enemies, and Malloy is expressing the currently fashionable philosophy of autocratic democracy.  The  true American tradition is one of perpetual debate, carried out in Washington by elected representatives… whose representation of their constituents is not terminated by the results of even the most “historic” general election.  But when they control the White House, “liberals” suddenly become very interested in a model of autocracy validated periodically by elections.  Elections convey absolute power and authority upon the victors, who must be obeyed without question until the next election rolls around, at which point the public has the option of expressing its displeasure by voting in a different dictatorship.

Of course, they don’t feel this way when Republicans win elections.  In those circumstances, dissent suddenly becomes the highest form of patriotism.  The Senate filibuster becomes the beating heart of democracy, rather than an annoying obstruction to the noble agenda of the ruling party.  Opposition to the opposition becomes morally suspicious.  And anyone who suggests that opponents of the ruling party are damaging America with their obstructionism is instantly denounced as a hatemonger or fascist, even if he manages to do it without calling for the injury of death of those opponents.

But when it’s a Democrat president opposed by “teabaggers?”  Off with their heads!