Bill Kristol: A Lot of Tea Party Members Don't Care If We Raise Taxes on Millionaires

Bill Kristol became a spokesman for the Tea Party this morning on FOX News Sunday. During the FOX News Sunday panel Kristol argued for higher taxes again and said,

“I don’t think Republicans have the leverage or it’s worth using whatever leverage they have in maintaining rates at 35% instead 37 or 38%. I just don’t think it’s economically as far as policy especially if you can take it up to millionaires… A lot of Tea Party members don’t care that much if a couple millionaires pay that more in taxes, honestly.”

And, he wonders why Obama quotes him in his press conferences?

The Tea Party was created to slow the growth of government and reduce government spending.
Obviously, Bill Kristol doesn’t understand the “TEA” in the Tea Party stands for “Taxed Enough Already.”