Rudy Giuliani is unimpressed with Obama's hurricane and Benghazi leadership

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani is one of the few public figures with the authority to cut through the smoke and mirrors surrounding President Obama’s supposedly awe-inspiring post-hurricane leadership.  He did so on the Sean Hannity show Thursday night, and minced no words.  Which is appropriate, because minced words are all they’ve got to eat in certain parts of New York right now.

Giuliani’s take on the situation in New York City is interesting.  He points out that a big part of the problem is the relatively primitive electrical grid in the area.  It’s primitive because of madcap environmentalists and regulatory paralysis from the President who loves them.  He relates some interesting information about the power upgrades he made during his tenure as Mayor, and how he would have liked to do even more, but for the need to avoid stepping in regulatory bear traps.  You would think, after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, more people would appreciate that the crucial time period for disaster response is the decade leading up to the disaster.

Along similar lines, Giuliani also has very tough words about the President’s handling of the Benghazi outrage, noting that it’s curious reporters haven’t pounded Obama with more questions about the incredibly weak security preparations leading up to the September 11 attack.  The revelations about Administration chaos during the attack itself are stunning, but the question that should have been thrown at Obama from Day One onward is still very relevant, as is the President’s apparent inability to answer it.