Obama ad compares voting for him to losing your virginity

Barack Obama has released a campaign ad in which a gushing actress, speaking in a rapid oh-my-god-he’s-so-cute babble, compares voting for Obama to losing your virginity:

This is what Obama really thinks of you, ladies.  All the gassy “War on Women” nonsense boils away, to reveal a deeply patronizing, insulting worldview in which, to paraphrase another repulsive Obama slogan, you’re just a pile of “ladyparts” that can fill out a ballot.

This is the rock-bottom depth that Barack Obama has brought the American presidency to.  Even Bill Clinton had enough respect for his country to deny his horn-dog personal behavior and project a respectable image.  Even Bill Clinton thought more of America than this.

It’s an unlovely window into Obama’s cult of personality, which his desperate campaign team is quite willing to tap into, if they think a few votes can be squeezed from it.  Many observers have pointed out this ad is very similar to those run by Vladimir Putin in Russia.  After years of bristling when people mocked him as “the world’s biggest celebrity” and “President Kardashian,” Obama is openly reaching for the hollow adoration showered upon dreamboat celebrities.  Paul Ryan’s devastating crack about faded Obama posters hanging on bedroom walls was right on the money.

Most of all, this ad is the latest in a series of campaign efforts and slogans that demonstrate how incredibly juvenile Obama is.  Big Bird, “binders full of women,” “Romnesia,” a “new economic plan” that reads like a children’s book stuffed full of pictures… and now an ad that portrays Obama’s re-election campaign as a hot new show on the CW that all the cool kids are like totally into.

I’ve often mused that this is the election where America either grows up, and prospers, or clings to adolescence and withers away.  This is our big chance, maybe our last chance, to abandon teenage delusions about how debt never has to be paid off, you’re “entitled” to everything you want, and “freedom” means irresponsibility.  This is when we start trusting each other, instead of depending on Uncle Sam to take care of everything.  It looks like Barack Obama agrees with me.  His entire re-election campaign has devolved into a naked appeal to perpetual childhood, increasingly couched in the language of small children and squealing teenagers.

Obviously, this ad is targeted at the youth vote.  It’s a bad sign for Obama that his campaign is this desperate to shore them up.  I hope he’s sorely underestimating young people, and this blows up in his face.  Polls generally show young voters expressing concern about serious issues, such as unemployment, long-term economic growth, and the impending collapse of bankrupt government.  Obama is openly taunting them with this ad.  He’s calling their bluff and saying they don’t really mean all that mature, intelligent stuff they’ve been telling pollsters.  Let us hope, for the future of this nation, that young people recoil from this ad, and take the opportunity on Election Day to tell President Dream Date that they dislike being patronized.

Update: Is this who you want to be taking political advice from, ladies?