Bill Clinton: It’s true, Obama hasn’t fixed America

Somewhere in the Obama campaign, consultants are gnashing their teeth and muttering, “Stop ‘helping,’ Bill.”


You can see what Clinton is trying to say here: Obama cares so very much, and he really feels your pain, and he’ll do ever so much better if you give him another four years.  It’s just a variant on the standard Obama campaign whine.  But you know, it also wasn’t very long ago that Obama’s team made a very ill-fated, short lived attempt to convince everyone that his economy was actually fabulous, and Americans are just too blinkered to appreciate it.  It went by so fast you might not remember it, but a few months ago they were actually trying to go on “offense” and tell us everything is great.

But now Obama’s about to cry when he has to discuss his economy with voter?  I don’t recall anyone taking that approach at the malarkey-filled Democratic National Convention.  To put it mildly, this is not a winning message, no matter how much “jobs created or saved” spin the President and his surrogates apply.  Clinton probably knows that, which makes it interesting that he’d choose these words.