Virginia’s Goode takes first step toward ballot position

He isn’t there yet, but former Rep. Virgil Goode is taking the first step today toward qualifying for a November ballot position in his home state of Virginia as the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party. Goode — who served in Congress from 1996 to 2008 and was elected as a Democrat, Independent and Republican could easily tip the Old Dominion’s 14 electoral votes to Barack Obama over Mitt Romney.

Nervous GOPers have already launched challenges to the 20000-plus signatures on petitions submitted by 65-year old Goode, who suggested to Human Events last month he would not mind if he tipped the race to Obama. Already, challenges to Goode’s petitions succeeded in knocking him off the ballot in Pennsylvania, home of running mate Jim Clymer. With Goode submitting more than twice the signatures required for ballot position in Virginia, local registrars will determine their legality in the week ahead — and Republicans will hold their breaths.