Mitt Romney, Angel of Death

According to commentator Jonathan Alter, Mitt Romney was just getting started when he killed steelworker Joe Soptic???s wife.  ???People will die??? if Romney becomes President and repeals ObamaCare, Alter said on MSNBC.

He insisted he knew exactly what he was saying: ???That is not an exaggeration.  That is not crying fire.  That is a simple fact.  If you have pre-existing conditions and you are thrown off of health insurance, or if you get sick after you or your spouse loses the job, you’re not going to go to the doctor as soon, your cancer or disease is not going to be caught as quickly, and your odds of dying are much, much increased. So Obamacare will save, literally, thousands of lives.???

Well, except for all the people killed by the IPAB, also known as the ???death panels,??? which will tightly ration medical care as Obama???s nightmarish legislation ravages the industry and reduces the number of doctors.  But creeps like Alter will shed no tears for them.  If you ever mention the people who come out on the wrong end of those infamous ???quality of life??? IPAB equations, ObamaCare???s dwindling band of deranged defenders become very upset.

ObamaCare is already the most catastrophic legislative failure of our era.  Huge chunks of the badly-written legislation have malfunctioned.  Major programs are already gone: the 1099 tax reporting requirements and the CLASS Act, to name just two examples.  The number of uninsured is not being materially improved by ObamaCare ??? it???s just shifting around the uninsured population a bit.  Meanwhile, everyone who does have insurance is paying more for it, and formerly satisfactory insurance plans are disappearing, as employers bail out of the market.

But according to Alter, we must assume that this ungodly disaster will suddenly begin performing perfectly, and thousands of people who would otherwise have suffered and died quietly in the shadows will march confidently into doctors??? offices and hospitals – which will not be going out of business or turning into overcrowded nightmares with eternal waiting lists, oh no, perish the thought!

These Obama defenders really are trying hard to lock up the ???stupid vote,??? aren???t they?

Leaving aside Alter???s absurdly gullible faith in ObamaCare, he???s actually making the same argument as critics of government health-care takeovers: they permanently change the relationship between citizens and the State.  Each citizen is now the helplessly dependent captive of his government, and is told he literally cannot survive without it.

All questions of government restraint will be swept off the table, because every effort to rein in Washington???s profligate spending will be portrayed as an effort to kill people.  Characters like Jonathan Alter will be making precisely that argument if ObamaCare survives ??? every spending cut will be a murderous attack on the health of government dependents, just as such cuts are invariably assailed as reckless efforts to pull cops and firefighters off the street today.

It???s weird to see how utterly desperate Obama apologists have become.  They???re already claiming that Mitt Romney wants to kill people, and it???s only August.  I can???t wait to see what they come up with after we???ve had a few more disastrous unemployment reports.