These Hands: Texas

Mitt Romney???s presidential campaign released the latest video in its ???These Hands??? series, in which small business owners respond to President Obama???s infamous ???you didn???t build that??? speech.  The new installment features Gilbert Cantu of Texas, who owns a company called Quality Security Products.  Cantu, a Hispanic businessman, described the President???s remarks as ???very insulting.???

Accompanying the release of this video is a statement from Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz: ???From El Paso to Texarkana, entrepreneurs and small-business owners across Texas know that they built their success with their own two hands.  They also know the damage that bad policy from Washington can do to the economy.  From new regulations to higher taxes to Obamacare, the President has placed one obstacle after another in front of Texas job creators.  Mitt Romney knows how to turn this economy around, and his plan for a stronger middle class is exactly what we need.  Texans -like all Americans – can???t afford four more years of Barack Obama.???