Top 10 issues where Democrats think Obama has gone too far

It is not only conservatives who think that President Obama has gone too far in pursuing a far-left agenda — his fellow Democrats and progressive fellow travelers are increasingly breaking ranks with their leader as they are unable to stomach his ideological-driven policies. Some tried taking back their comments after being strong-armed by the White House, but the signal is unmistakable.

1. Tax Cuts

The number of Democratic officials uncomfortable with President Obama???s signature issue???taxing the rich???is growing. Sens. Charles Schumer and Bob Casey and even House leader Nancy Pelosi say the president???s view of who is ???rich??? is woefully mischaracterized and want the cut off for tax hikes to start at $1 million, instead of Obama???s $250,000.

2. Capitalism

Democrats begin scurrying for the high grass when Obama began his attacks on Romney???s record at Bain Capital. Newark Mayor Corey Booker even called the attacks ???nauseating??? and ???crap??? before walking back the remarks under White House pressure. Former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford reminded the president that ???private equity is not a bad thing.???

3. Intelligence Leaks

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein tried taking back her comments after a media firestorm erupted, but the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee sent shock waves through Washington by fingering the White House as the source of damaging leaks of top secret intelligence.

4. Drones

Former President Jimmy Carter sharply criticized the Obama administration for using drones to target individuals for assassination, saying it was in violation of international treaties. Carter is not the only leftist aghast that Obama is personally selecting individuals for extermination. A group of 26 congressmen, the majority from the president???s own party, sent Obama a letter questioning the policy???s legality.

5. Budget

While Harry Reid???s Democratic-controlled Senate has not been able to pass a budget in over three years, it has had no trouble at all in rejecting Obama???s attempt at crafting a fiscal blueprint. It has become an annual tradition: Obama proposes a budget, Republicans introduce it on the Senate floor, and it is defeated 99-0.

6. Keystone Pipeline

Some 69 House Democrats voted with Republicans to pass a transportation bill that included a provision to build the Keystone Pipeline. The measure died in the Senate after falling two votes short of overcoming a Democratic filibuster requiring 60 votes, but even after a heavy lobbying by Obama, 11 Democrats broke ranks and voted with the Republicans.

7. Iran Sanctions

As with much of the rest of his foreign policy, the president seems to be ???leading from behind??? on dealing with Iran???s nuclear ambitions. Democratic Sens. Robert Menendez (N.J.), Robert Casey (Pa.), Chris Coons (Del.) and Ben Cardin (Md.), along with Rep. Howard Berman (Calif.) have all criticized Obama???s go-slow approach on slapping sanctions on Tehran.


Singer Elton John summed up the left???s frustration over Obama???s lack of attention to the continent of his forefathers by praising the efforts of his predecessor, George W. Bush, on helping Africa deal with its AIDS epidemic. John???s remarks came at the International AIDS Conference being held the United States for the first time in 22 years. Attendees were disappointed when Obama failed to show up???he was too busy holding fundraisers for his reelection.

9. Political Poison

An increasing number of Democrats in tough reelection battles are opting to forego attendance at Obama???s re-nomination at the Democratic National Convention, saying they need to keep campaigning. Nancy Pelosi encouraged House members to stay away from Charlotte. Apparently being seen with the president is not a political plus these days.

10. Bill Clinton

The former president gets his own category for his ability to assess Obama???s failings on multiple levels. Clinton was the first observer to note how Obama played the race card when the former president was attacked during his wife???s 2008 South Carolina primary battle. He also publicly split with Obama over extending the Bush tax cuts (see No. 1) and over the president???s attacks on Bain Capital (see No. 2), when he said Romney???s ???sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold.???