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Tom Fuentes: A Life in Pictures

Please enjoy this slideshow of our good friend Tom Fuentes with conservative leaders such as Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Jack Kemp and more.

Tom Fuentes, a Conservative Champion, dies at 63

Thomas A. Fuentes Remembered As a Patriot, Friend, Mentor to Youth
— Thomas L. Phillips remembers a leader and a dear friend, whose “insight and sage political advice were invaluable” to the organizations and individuals he counseled.

To Tom Fuentes, A Simple Man — a tribute from Kathy Tavoularis, who served as the executive director for the California Republican Party from 1993-2005 and worked directly for Fuentes.

Thomas A. Fuentes ‘In His Own Words’ — He encouraged an audience in September to “foster the noble and wholesome ideals of our conservative cause. Be not afraid, my friends.”

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