Another electric car bursts into flames

The Administration has been striving mightily to ignore all those Chevy Volts bursting into flames, but last week an electric Fisker Karma – another Obama “green jobs investment” – caught fire in Texas, and damn near took out the owner’s house, as reported by AutoWeek:

According to Fort Bend County, Texas, chief fire investigator Robert Baker, the Fisker Karma started the fire that spread to the house.

“Yes, the Karma was the origin of the fire, but what exactly caused that we don’t know at this time,” he said. The car was a complete loss.

According to Baker, the driver arrived home in the Fisker, pulled into the garage, and less than three minutes later the car was in flames. It reportedly was not plugged in at the time of the fire and the Karma’s battery remains intact.

Right before the fire, the owner reported a smell of burning rubber.

That’s probably not what the owner had in mind when he dreamed of “burning rubber” in his $100,000 taxpayer-subsidized electric sports car.

Fisker had a big recall recently, producing financial shock waves strong enough to rock their old battery supplier, another Obama “investment” called A123 Systems, to the very edge of bankruptcy.  Karmas are actually built in Finland – that’s where all 500 of the million-dollar “green jobs” Obama created with his Fisker “investment” were “created or saved” – but presumably they’ve got engineers somewhere in the United States to handle recall issues.  But probably not in Delaware, because they laid off everybody at the Delaware plant, which was built with millions of dollars in public funding.

Will that Fisker recall prevent this sort of tragic Obamamobile fire from destroying anyone else’s home?  Nope!

“The car was brand-new,” said Baker. “He still had paper tags on it, so it was 60 days old at [most].”

According to Baker, the Karma was a post-recall vehicle bought in April.

There was substantial damage to the garage, which then spread to the second floor. No injures were attributed to incident. The house was new, but the owner had already moved in.

Baker estimated damages at roughly $100,000, not including the other two vehicles in the garage, a Mercedes-Benz SUV and an Acura NSX.

It’s awesome the way Obama seized so much of our money to build stuff for the Little Guy so he can Win the Future, isn’t it?

Other Karma owners will be glad to know the incident is being investigated.  Fisker says they are dealing with “conflicting reports and uncertainty surrounding this particular incident,” and claim the cause of the fire could have been fireworks stored in the garage, or an electric panel located near the vehicles.  They’ve got a team of 15 engineers working at the scene, prompting Baker to remark, “I’ve worked homicide cases with less secrecy.”  It doesn’t seem like it would take a 15-man forensic squad from Fringe Division very long to figure out if the fireworks went off or not. 

Writing at, Seton Motley notes that “conflicting reports and uncertainty” are cited in every report of an electric car fire.  They’re always portrayed as inscrutable mysteries, even when (as in this case) experienced fire investigators offer confident assessments.  The scene in Texas is notably similar to a golf cart fire, which are not uncommon in the area, and the same basic lithium-ion battery technology is involved.

So look to the future, America!  Your brilliant President needs another term to give you the choice between pumping $10 gas into cars that cost more and get you killed more frequently because of sharply rising CAFÉ standards… or driving insanely expensive, taxpayer-subsidized, unreliable electric vehicles with sky-high maintenance costs, which you must handle very carefully, lest they either fuse into immobile “bricks” or burst into flames.  Algae-based fuel can’t get here fast enough!


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