New Clean Coal Ad Mocks #Occupy Criminal Movement (Video)

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity released this powerful ad recently.

The group boldly mocks the #occupy criminal movement in the powerful pro-American ad.

Small business owners, families, communities. All across America, people are asking themselves, their neighbors and their legislators for solutions. The answer is clear – America needs to invest in its most abundant, domestically produced source of energy: coal. With centuries of coal right here at home, America has the power to thrive for generations to come. But the clock is ticking. Tell your neighbors and your legislators, now is the time for clean coal.

In the ad, the narrator says,

“The clock is ticking America. It’s time we focused on reality instead of rhetoric.”

And they include a photo of the crazy #occupy loons marching down a street. It’s terrific.

It’s also very important. The Obama Administration is trying to kill off the coal industry like Osama Bin Laden. This will affect everyone’s electricity rates but would hurt the Obama poor the most.