Saudi Arabia Pulls Ambassador After Cairo Protesters Try to Storm Embassy

Egyptian protesters attacked the Saudi Embassy in Cairo this week and spray-painted Jewish symbols on the doors. The protesters chanted against the Saudi king and called for the release of Ahmed AlGizawy and all the Egyptian detainees in Saudi prisons.

In response to the vandalism the Saudi regime pulled its ambassador and closed its consulates in Alexandria and Suez today.

The Indy Channel reported:

Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Egypt and closed its embassy in Cairo and its consulates in Alexandria and Suez Saturday, following protests in the Egyptian capital over a human rights lawyer imprisoned in the Arab kingdom.

The decision to pull out Saudi diplomats came after protester “attempts to storm and threaten the security and safety of its (embassy) employees,” according to the Saudi Press Agency. Throngs of Egyptians had gathered in front of the Saudi Embassy this week, calling for the release of Egyptian lawyer Ahmed el-Gezaw — detained earlier this month for allegedly insulting King Abdullah. Saudi officials say el-Gezawi was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle thousands of pills into the country.

But the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights say el-Gezawi had been traveling on a pilgrimage to Mecca when he was detained. The Cairo-based group credited the activist for demanding better treatment of Saudi-held Egyptian detainees and criticizing the kingdom over alleged human rights abuses. El-Gezawi has since been sentenced to flogging and faces a year behind bars, the group reported.

Video of the demonstrations in Cairo was posted online earlier this week and showed sign-wielding crowds chanting slogans in front of the Saudi Embassy.