Obama 2012: From hope to hypocrisy


The Republican National Committee has put together another terrific ad, using President Obama’s own words about “not making excuses” as the haunting refrain for a montage of his endless excuses:

A lot of crazy things are happening in the Obama campaign right now.  They are all explained by the growing realization among the President’s political operatives that people are not going to forget about the last four years when they cast their votes in November.  All of the silly garbage that crashed and burned over the past few weeks – the “War on Women” narrative, the Buffett Rule, Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court, posing for photos before the half of the Keystone XL pipeline that he couldn’t kill – was part of the effort to distract Americans from the basic question that haunts every incumbent President: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

This particular campaign has been rather comical in its frenzied attempts to distract voters from asking that question.  The sheer weight of their absurdity caught up with them in the Hilary Rosen scandal.  There is no way to excuse President Obama’s failures, or hide the razor edges of the ugly and divisive campaign he wants to wage.  This video is a montage of all the people he’s already instructed you to hate, instead of holding him accountable for his actions.  There will be more to come.