Gingrich: Conservatives want to see him debate Obama

COLUMBIA, S.C.–  Savoring what is turning out to be a never-anticipated big win (41 percent to 27 percent) over Mitt Romney in the South Carolina primary, Newt Gingrich told HUMAN EVENTS Saturday night that conservatives are uniting behind him and a key factor in this is their desire to see him go one-on-one in debates with President Obama.

As he and wife Callista made their way from an overflow victory party at the Hilton Hotel in Columbia, the former House speaker stopped to talk to HUMAN EVENTS about what he believes was the decisive factor in his win:  “Conservatives finally came together to unite behind one candidate,”  he said.

Gingrich also told us he agreed with the conclusion of South Carolina campaign co-chairman and former Rep. John Napier that his win in South Carolina represented the revival of Ronald Reagan’s winning conservative coalition.
And, the candidate quickly added, “there is also a genuine desire among [Republicans] to see me debate Barack Obama.”
Would he also get his desired-wish to go one-on-one with Mitt Romney in a future debate?
“Sure,” Gingrich shot back with a chuckle, “if he’s willing to do it.”