Joe Biden Knows How to Work a Crowd

Vice President Joe Biden really knows how to work a crowd.  At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser, he got the crowd pumped up by declaring, “The Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl!”

That would be the New York Giants.  Who will be playing against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.  The winning team will indeed be on its way to the Super Bowl.

The crowd, which was for some reason willing to fork over up to ten thousand dollars a head to bask in the radiant wisdom of Joe Biden, gave him what the Oakland Tribune described as “good-natured boos.”  Biden apologized and said he got confused because San Francisco’s baseball team is called the Giants.

The report called this Biden’s “only gaffe,” even though he also claimed his disastrous Administration has created 3.5 million jobs.  This is part of the “voters are stupid” strategy embraced by the Democrats, in which they assume their supporters won’t pause to ask how many jobs might have been lost while all those jobs were supposedly being created, and how that all adds up to years of double-digit real unemployment and a million people dropping out of the workforce altogether.  Obama’s political survival depends on America shedding enough IQ points to fall for stuff like this.  It might not be a crazy bet.

Amusingly, Biden also boasted of the Administration’s financial prowess running Government Motors, a net taxpayer loss of at least $23.6 billion which produced the Chevy Volt.  A few more “successes” like that during a second Obama term, and we’ll have that $20 trillion national debt in the bag.

The Tribune notes that “the lone reporter was ushered out before the Vice President took the crowd’s questions.”  Ah, that fabled Obama Administration “transparency” at work!