Laugh of the Day: Obama Seeks Authority to Streamline Government

The federal government has grown so completely out of control under this administration, but we’re supposed to believe Obama wants to shrink government? Who the hell is he kidding? Well, except for the media and the boobs that will vote for him.

Oh, and what will the grand initiative “save” over 10 years? Three billion dollars. About what the federal government will spend by lunhtime today.

Now that’s efficiency!

President Obama, looking to make the federal government leaner, will ask Congress for the authority to merge six trade and commerce agencies, a senior administration official confirmed to The Hill.

Obama will request that lawmakers grant him a reorganizational power that would give him the authority to propose mergers that would look to help consumers save money. The House and Senate would have to grant Obama the authority and then decide whether to approve his ideas in an up or down vote from Congress in 90 days.

The first government reorganization effort in decades, which comes in the first month of a reelection year, is intended to portray Obama as the one trying to make government smaller.

And that’s all it is, a dog and pony show intended to portray the most profligate spender in history as some sort of small government guy. All while giving him even more power.

It’s a complete joke.

But that’s not how it’ll be portrayed. As soon as the GOP objects, they’ll be the ones accused of wanting big government.

The merger would save $3 billion over 10 years by eliminating expenses that include every day overhead costs and human resources departments, an official said.

How convenient this so-called streamlining comes as President Downgrade has us at the debt ceiling again, looking to spend another $1.2 trillion.

But he’s saving us $3 billion, the idiots will report.