Sununu on Gingrich's 'liar problem'

MANCHESTER, N.H. — One of the best-known Republicans in New Hampshire recounted to HUMAN EVENTS today what he considered a major problem with Newt Gingrich in telling the truth. But for his strong words about Gingrich’s credibility gap, John Sununu nevertheless said he would support the former House speaker if he is the Republican nominee against Barack Obama.

Recalling his days as White House chief of staff under then-President George H.W. Bush in 1990, former New Hampshire Gov. Sununu brought back what he now considers the “infamous budget deal” between Bush and the Democratic-controlled Congress that culminated in the 41st President breaking his famous “no new taxes” pledge.

“[Gingrich] was on the negotiating team [for] the infamous budget deal,” Sununu told us, “He made a commitment to support it.” But, added the former top aide to the elder Bush, then-Georgia Rep. Gingrich went out twelve hours later and said he opposed it.

He cited the words of then-Senate GOP Whip Al Simpson (Wyo.) that “Newt Gingrich lied to the President of the United States,” and added his own view that “You don’t do that to enhance your own credibility amongst a few of your colleagues.”

All things considered, Sununu said he would back the Georgian. As he told us, “I will support the Republican nominee” because of his own strong feeling “that we have to get rid of Barack Obama.”

The veteran Republican politician predicted that Romney (whom he supports and considers a “committed conservative”) will place first tomorrow and Ron Paul will be “one of the top three.” But Sununu stopped short of predicting whether Rick Santorum, Gingrich, or former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman would place third.


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