Tax Foundation Grades Republican Candidates' Tax Policies

The non-partisan Tax Foundation has graded each Republican presidential nominee in regards to their tax policies with grades from “A” to “F”. The criteria are based on a number of factors that appeal to fiscal conservatives such as simplicity of taxes to how to their plans impact growth and competitiveness.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman got the top grade with a B+ and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum got the worst grade with a “D+”.

Each of the candidates received both praise and criticism for their tax plans.

Huntsman got particularly high praise for his, “wipe the slate clean approach” that aims to “eliminate all tax expenditures” and end “preferential taxation”. He was also given praise for dramatically reducing corporate tax rates and eliminating capital gains and dividends taxes.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry received a solid “B” for his flat-tax plan. The Tax Foundation sees as a positive course for U.S. tax policy, but that it doesn’t quite go far enough to make the American economy more competitive.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney got a particularly low grade of “C-” for his 59-point tax plan. It was criticized by the Tax Foundation which said of Romney’s plan, “On the individual side of the code, it really takes no step toward fundamental reform.”

Tax Foundation grades:

Huntsman- B+

Perry- B

Cain- B-

Paul- B-

Gingrich- C+

Bachmann- C

Romney- C-

Santorum- D+