Pentagon Claims Maj. Jill Metzger Still 'Under Investigation' By FBI And OSI Five Years After Phony "Kidnapping" In Kyrgyzstan

Jill Metzger
Air Force Maj. Jill Metzger

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It’s been five years since former Air Force poster girl Jill Metzger claimed she was kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan and escaped to freedom by running 30 miles barefoot after “overpowering” one of her guards.
No such abductors were ever found, despite millions of taxpayer dollars expended on a massive hunt for people that many of our readers at believe don’t exist. At least two Office of Special Investigations agents came out of the cold to tell us Metzger faked the whole thing. 
There are various theories why – an abortion attempt at a Kyrg clinic that went badly wrong is most surmised – but one thing is crystal clear. The two-time winner of the Air Force Marathon, a super-achiever feminist icon, well-known for “sucking up” to the brass, has enjoyed special protection since her “dog ate my homework” story first hit the headlines.
The common denominator in all this since September 2006 has been four-star Gen. Gary North, the most-feared and hated man in the U.S. Air Force since the brutal reign of Merrill McPeake.  Thanks to North’s heavy hand, Jill has prospered rather than been prosecuted. A cloak of secrecy and then a stone wall has been erected around her alleged misconduct.

After spending three years on the Temporary Disabled Retired List drawing lucrative 100% “disability” pay for PTSD, during which the pampered and protected one arrogantly ran in both the Air Force and Marine Corps Marathons, Metzger is now incredibly back on active duty, holding down a soft job as honcho, of all things – the Wounded Warrior Project at Andrews AFB in Washington. More than a few genuinely disabled veterans have bitterly complained to us Jill’s perceived payoff is a slap in the face to those who really suffer pain but don’t have “friends” in high places. 
Wait til they get a look at those shiny silver oak leaves lucky Jill will wear once her promotion to lieutenant colonel comes through. It’s not what you know, it who you know.
If Metzger had actually performed the heroics she claimed, surely the 98 lb. daughter of a retired Air Force colonel, would have been awarded the Air Force Cross and the Pentagon would have sent her on a whirlwind tour of America recruiting others of her ilk to make the military a career.
Trouble is, there was no Air Force Cross, or any other decoration for that matter. You see, such high awards need documentation, and North knows his close friend can’t pass muster in that regard. Yes, the mainstream media can be counted on not to ask embarrassing questions – “Jill, who?” – after going “ga-ga” over her when it was still thought she may have been actually abducted. The Pentagon has never offered an explanation as to what really happened. Only and our friend Cliff Kincaid have dared question the cover-up. 
But now a new development may undermine the wall of lies and evasion that have enabled Metzger to avoid proper scrutiny until now.
An MCC investigator has obtained a letter from the Air Force deputy general counsel that could open a Pandora’s box for Metzger and her enablers. Dated August 25, 2011, the communication signed by Cheri L. Cannon, denying us access to “AFOSI’s findings, conclusions and recommendations made to DoD or DoJ regarding Major Jill Metzger’s reported abduction in Kyrgyzstan in September 2006” let a big cat right out of the bag.

In trying to justify keeping such records from us under the Freedom of Information Act Cannon wrote: “The AFOSI and FBI investigations concerning Major Metzger remain open and release of the requested information would tend to undermine ongoing investigative efforts.”
Really? Five long years after the so-called “kidnapping” and rape of the American taxpayers, to say nothing of an obvious double-standard when it comes to equal justice under the law, we are supposed to believe someone so immune to accountability as Jill Metzger is still being looked at in any serious way by the authorities?
Or is this a lie and obsfucation by Cannon to keep us from finding out the truth in this matter? How can Metzger be “under investigation” by the FBI and/or OSI when she’s suddenly shifted from three years at 100% “disabled” to “ready for active duty?” A study of 400 Air Force personnel rated 100% disabled on the TDRL yielded not one instance of anyone who returned to full military service. But Jill did.
Could there be a question of fraud as well as favoritism here? After all, an Air Force senior medical officer we questioned regarding the status of an individual 100% disabled (by PTSD) running in two major marathons, told us that would be close to impossible.
Ah, but what if you’re a female who, in the words of an OSI investigator told us he was warned to “lay off” her “because she has some general by the balls”  – what then? Wouldn’t you think you could get away with anything?  These are questions that demand answers. When is a member of the Armed Services Committee in Congress going to have the guts to ask them?
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