The Rather Spectacular Collapse of the Left


If it were not so serious a matter, it would be immensely amusing to watch the left collapse worldwide.  Though they continue to hold the support of the majority of the western ‘mainstream’ media, and thus are still somewhat protected, even those who are wedded to the left’s agenda–those who will say anything, do anything and lie about anything to maintain this agenda–are finding it more and more difficult to maintain this support.

Even the true believers can hardly keep a straight face anymore.

The recent riots in numerous British cities caused every observer to collectively drop his or her jaw, at the senselessness, or the violence, or both.  Was this the future for the cities of the west, everyone queried (English equivalent of asked)?  Then these same people watched as just about every major European nations’ capital erupted because their decades’ long social democratic systems unraveled.  Economically, these systems were seen to be ‘unsustainable,’ (a favorite word of the left), and thousands of people were, and are, left wondering regarding their financial future. 

It as always been that only in America do you have second and third and fourth chances; in the nations of Europe, due to their social democratic system, education, culture, etc., you have one chance and if that doesn’t work, the dole is the only option.  Only now, the dole is close to ceasing to exist. 


As Mrs. Thatcher once said, “The trouble with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” 


As Europe and its individual nations run out of the money it and they need to continue their social democratic structures, it and they cannot tax any more and it and they seemingly cannot change their politically structure, demonstrations of the dissatisfied become increasingly violent, with no conceivable end in sight.  While corresponding demonstrations in America occur with the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ effort, often near-riots occur in cities throughout the US and violence is promised as next on the agenda.  The fact that there is no coherent message as to why these individuals are expressing their dissatisfaction seems to be irrelevant, as leftist politicians uniformly support this burgeoning ‘movement.’


It is inexplicable that while we watch the European social democratic model fail in every nation in which it has been tried for the many decades since the end of the second world war, our ‘President’ seems determined to install an even more extreme equivalent to substitute the kind of governance America has had for over 230 years. Though what has worked brilliantly for the United States of America for all this time before ‘hope and change’ came to America is seemingly irrelevant.  The left has never let facts get in the way of its determination to establish its ever adjusting uptopia.


In additional to the riots in London, the demonstrations in just about every other European capital, and the group dissatisfaction in many cities in the U.S., the left’s collapse is demonstrated as we watch so much else, as the:


*financial meltdown in the European Union

*financial meltdown in the individual nations of Europe

*total collapse of support for the hope and change of Obama, worldwide

*vicious reportage of Obama as leader of the free world in the worldwide press

*complete failure of Obama ‘foreign policy’ agenda

*resistance of American electorate to government control, as witnessed in reaction to Obamacare

*disintegration of union power worldwide

*continuing unraveling of leftist ‘religions’ of ‘climate warming’ ‘cooling’ ‘change’ ‘green power’

*continuing collapse of fake green jobs businesses, despite multi million dollar funding provided by governments, through national over-taxation, worldwide

*growth of anti-immigration feeling throughout the nations of the west

*disintegration of the American leftist press

*financial meltdown in the United States of America.


No matter where the left has managed to put its systems in power, their idea of utopia has never worked, and it never will.  It is perhaps the greatest thing that has ever happened to those who oppose the left in the west that Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of the U.S., as it is his at best ridiculous and at worst destructive Administration that demonstrated to America, and to the world, how damaging the leftist agenda really is.