Evidently, George Will Is Not So Impressed With Obama's Rhetorical Skills

This is sooo good. George Will, bless his heart, tells it like it is to the libs on ‘This Week’: (Relevant quote begins at 1:50 mark)

George Will on This Week, via National Review


“He went to Massachusetts to campaign against Scott Brown; Brown is now a senator. He went to New Jersey to campaign against Chris Christie, who’s now governor. He went to Virginia to campaign against Bob McDonnell, who’s now governor. He campaigned for the health-care plan extensively, it became less popular. He campaigned in 2010 for the Democrats, they were shellacked. He began, in a sense, his presidency flying to Copenhagen to get Chicago the Olympics; Chicago was the first city eliminated. There is no evidence that the man has the rhetorical powers that he is relying on.

Wow, the libs on the panel are already talking about Hillary Clinton for president.