Obama Plummets in NY and NJ Polls

As Barack Obama stumbles around the midwest on his Canadian-made black tour bus (wait, is it racist to point out he’s on a black bus?), he may want to begin making plans for a Northeast bus tour once he’s done with his lavish Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

Saddled with a -22 approval in today’s Rasmussen poll and at a record low in the Gallup rolling survey, it’s quite obvious why the failed president is angrily lashing out at the GOP at every one of his campaign stops.

Well, when his handlers start perusing some of the blue state numbers released this week, you can only expect the vitriol to increase.

In New York State, where a Republican hasn’t even come close to winning a presidential election in two decades, Obama has cratered to an anemic 36% approval. Typically, however, the pollsters claim New Yorkers will still vote for Obama in 2012, but that may be whistling past the electoral graveyard. Unless he gets that paltry number back close to 50%, he’s in deep danger.

Outside of New York City, where they still reflexively vote for anyone with a D after their name, Obama is deeply unpopular in the rest of the state, much of which is an economic wasteland with massive unemployment. Even if he does somehow hold on there, having to spend resources shoring up what should be a slam dunk means he’s in deep trouble nationwide.

Meanwhile, a Qunnipiac poll released today shows Obama is no longer in the black (whoops, there’s that word again!) in neighboring New Jersey.

President Barack Obama is headed in the wrong direction as New Jersey voters disapprove 52 – 44 percent of the job he is doing, down from a 50 – 46 percent positive score June 21 and the president’s lowest score ever in the Garden State.

Again, as with New York, while those polled say he does not deserve re-election, they claim he’ll still win in 2012. Let’s get real. If he’s sliding so quickly in just the past two months, what is coming on the horizon that will improve his numbers? Some so-called “major speech” on jobs, one conveniently timed to come after his vacation? Please.

Let’s face it: He has no plan, no clue and likely no way out of his mess. His only hope is to keep doing what he’s doing–demonizing the GOP and praying that the chumps who voted for him the first time are stupid enough to do it again.

Consider he received 57% in New Jersey in 2008 while only 44% currently approve. The gap in New York is even more astonishing. In fact, according to the Siena poll, he’s at 36% approval and 63% disapproval, the exact reverse of his his 2008 numbers, where he beat McCain 63-36. It’s difficult to see how he recovers from such a precipitous slide.

Used to be a time when every poll showing bad news for George W. Bush was trumpeted over and over by the media. It speaks volumes that much of the national media is ignoring these awful numbers for Obama.