The Founding Fathers Were Secessionists


 The British Army’s surrender after the Battle of Yorktown

Democrats and Republicans alike love to proclaim what it is “the American people want” when promoting their views.  While I am scratching my head considering the beliefs I have, so declared by our elected representatives, they go on to boast that their positions on issues are the same positions America’s Founders would have if only they were alive to affirm them.

When Texas Governor Rick Perry sympathized with Tea Party members who had the gall to utter the words “secede”, much to the chagrin of Geraldo Rivera who chastised Perry relentlessly, using the benevolent adjective “whacko”, the whole left wing political machine moved to paint Perry as “extreme”.  Nothing could be more dangerous or more “unhinged” than to be “extreme” in one’s political views. 

As is the intent of most all liberal strategy, the epithet “extreme” is not designed to convey information or to proclaim an opponent’s position whereby one might give their own position in contrast and explain the foundational advantage of that view; “extreme” is nothing more than a juvenile attack you might hear any nine year old use on the schoolyard.

“You’ve got big ears, pimples on your nose, and your momma wears army boots!”

It’s the kind of strategy that works really good on dim nine year olds and ignorant voters, a.k.a. Democrats.

If an intellectual argument were ever to be made against secessionist voices, the detractor would have to recognize not only the opponents view, but his motivation, and the secessionist would have to intellectually defend his position. 

The problem is, that portion of our right leaning political faction, that might scream “secede” at a rally, is populated by people just about as weak minded as those left wing nuts calling them “extreme.” Instead of standing their ground explaining the coherence of their view, perhaps even including a little historical anecdote on their behalf, they run from the “extreme” label as if someone called them a “racist.”

It doesn’t really take a lot of intellectual heft to battle the name callers, but it does take a little thought and a little study of history, something Republicans don’t seem to do much better than Democrats.

How is it “extreme” to ask government to “live within its means” but completely reasonable for government to borrow forty cents of every dollar that it spends?  This is an argument that Republicans are losing?!

The price of everything we buy, except real estate which no one can afford, is going through the roof, but the voice of moderation is Ben Bernanke, Mr. QE2, QE3, QE4…the guy responsible for causing the price of everything to skyrocket. 

When Republicans complain that Social Security is insolvent, they are hushed into submission when some liberal economist states, “Social Security is not insolvent, it can payout at least 75 percent of its promised benefits until 2037…?  Am I missing something or is 75 percent of promised benefits less the amount we are suppose to get when we are eligible for Social Security? 

And Republicans have no rejoinder? 

They don’t because they are afraid someone will call them “extreme!”

The simple fact of the matter is, the people calling for secession are not fanatics who hate America, they are middle classed working people who don’t get benefits like food stamps and free health care, but are the ones paying for someone else’s food stamps and someone else’s health care.  They say “secede” because they are Americans in the Founding tradition. 

Meanwhile, to stifle these American Patriots, the political elite, and the ultra rich who get plenty of government welfare through preferred legislation, are running around calling people “extreme.”

In 1773, Founding Fathers boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped Tea to protest their government.  Shortly thereafter America fought for independence.  

And the penalty those valiant men would have received had they lost their war?

King George would have lined them all up and called them “extreme.”

Or would he have hung them by their necks at the nearest tree?