Democrats Dial Down the Incendiary Rhetoric

Leave it to the odious Charles Schumer to use gun analogies the day after Gabrielle Giffords returned to Congress. The man has impeccable timing, doesn’t he?

Schumer obviously misses the irony that it’s the federal government who basically is robbing the American taxpayers to pay for all those goodies he enjoys lavishing on those who don’t pair their fair share. Nearly half of America pay zero taxes, but those are basically his Democrat constituents living off the rest of us.

Meanwhile, now that the debt “crisis” has passed, another leading luminary from New York chimes in with more of that new civility we keep hearing about.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney said Republicans came away with more from the bargaining table because they refused to budge on tax hikes.

“If President Obama came in with a cure for cancer they would have turned that down, too,” she said.

Obviously those terrorist Tea Partiers want people to get cancer and die.