La Raza Student Mob Shuts Down Tucson School Board Meeting (Video)

A group of local La Raza students shut down the Tucson school board meeting. They screamed, chanted and chained themselves to the tables.

The young La-Raza activists demanded that an outlawed racist anti-American curriculum be taught at local schools.

From the video: Just as the Tucson school board was about to hold a meeting to vote on making the now-outlawed racist and anti-American curriculum an ‘elective’ to try and get around the new AZ law, La Raza activists and teachers sent in student to shut down the meeting and chain themselves to the chairs. Yet another example of why La Raza must be stopped. Check out the folks over at and their video on the La Raza agenda for schools.

UPDATE: This comes from a trusted source in Tucson– Socialist Rep. Raul Grijalva‘s daughter is a member of the Tucson school board and gave up her seat to one of the young La Raza activists. She then stood there and cheered them on.