Huckabee Out?


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It looks as if Mike Huckabee won’t be making a presidential run in 2012 after all.  An article at the Process Story blog says they have been told Huckabee is “giving his former S.C. supporters the nod to seek work on other presidential campaigns. The word is that he’s told South Carolina staffers that they have his blessing for them to peddle their wares elsewhere.”

Huckabee is a Fox News contributor with his own weekend show, which he would have to suspend if he entered the presidential race.  He’s been polling very well in South Carolina.  If he’s releasing key staffers in that state, he’s probably not far from formally declaring a non-candidacy.

Update: Further grist for the mill comes in the form of a splendid $3 million home Huckabee has under construction in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Huckabee has claimed Walton County, Florida, as his primary residence for some time now.  

He told the Walton Sun of his love for the area last December, saying “South Walton is all Southeastern Conference. I can order grits and people know what I’m talking about. Not to mention, the most beautiful beaches in all of America.  It’s an incredible, magnificent area with the best restaurants that are on par with those in Manhattan, but you don’t have to hijack a Brinks truck to pay for the meal.”

There was some early speculation Huckabee was trying to establish residence in Florida for political purposes, but it sounds more like he moved to Florida to retire from politics, not kick them into high gear.  Florida has plenty of electoral votes, but it also offers a mixture of sun, sand, good food, and the glorious lack of an income tax.

Update: Yet more grist for the mill, if your Huckabee mill happens to be experiencing a grist shortage: Rasmussen’s got a new poll out that gives him a solid third-place position behind Donald Trump and Mitt Romney in a poll of likely Republican voters.  It’s Trump 19%, Romney 17%, and Huckabee 15%.

Update: A fresh bag of delicious grist is delivered by Hogan Gidley, Executive Director of HuckPAC, who says:

“National polling consistently shows Governor Huckabee is the frontrunner – so we expect a certain amount of unfounded speculation, odd rumors, and sadly, the occasional lie lobbed our way. But the Governor has been quite clear on this matter.  He has truthfully and repeatedly stated that he is seriously considering a run for President but he won’t make that decision until this summer – and that has not changed.”

As I told Mr. Gidley, here’s looking forward to a vigorous campaign in which many best shots are taken!

Update: I’m just going to sprinkle this little pile of grist on the mill and back away slowly, before I draw back a stump.  From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website:

“Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s appearance at the Family Arena on Sunday has been canceled.  The arena website says the cancellation is ‘due to circumstances beyond our control’ but doesn’t elaborate.”

I don’t know if that means anything one way or the other.  I’m just relaying the news.  I’m certainly not trying to goad Mr. Gidley into sending me another email from HuckPAC, because I wouldn’t use my media power to shamelessly manipulate people into sending me useful material.  That’s just not how I roll.

Update: The official word is that severe weather and storm damage prompted the cancellation of the Family Arena event.  I believe this post has now mutated more often than all of the X-Men combined.


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