The Clarity of Donald Trump's Message

There has been much chatter this weekend about whether the media should be putting a spotlight on Donald Trump, whom many think may be running for President as a publicity stunt.

And though the media’s attention on him may have a direct impact on his successful polling numbers of late, the fact remains that his high numbers in legitimate polls warrant the coverage that he is getting, it is just the nature of the game.

So why is Trump’s message catching on?

In The Palm Beach Post, a sign language interpreter says Trump’s message is simple and very clear. The direct, “straight talk” nature of Trump’s message may actually be what voters find to be refreshing. From The Palm Beach Post:

Serious or self-promotion? Donald Trump’s latest exploration of a presidential bid can be hard to interpret.

But Trump’s actual words are refreshingly clear, says veteran sign-language interpreter Amy Hair after standing by The Donald’s side and translating his remarks for the deaf and hearing-impaired at Saturday’s tea party rally in Boca Raton.

“He’s very easy to interpret for because he’s very straightforward,” Hair said. “Trump is good because he’s very understandable. Most politicians speak very vaguely and he speaks matter-of-factly. He speaks in very simple terms.”

Hair, a Lantana resident, has shared a stage with three former presidents (Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43) and countless other politicians at speeches and debates.