Obama Threatens To Veto the Troops


Reuters is reporting that “President Barack Obama would veto a Republican proposal for a limited stopgap funding bill to finance the U.S. Department of Defense for the rest of fiscal 2011.”

This was followed by some nonsense about “reasonable compromise” from the head of the extremist party that would rather hang American troops out to dry than cut their bloated government budget by $12 billion.  As House Speaker John Boehner stated, the White House issued its threat without “stating a single policy justification,” and “neither the President nor Senate Democrats have identified a single policy provision they find objectionable in the bill.”

Is a headline that says Obama plans to “veto the troops” a bit extreme?  Well, I’m just trying to follow the lead set by the new head of the Democrat National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She said that Republican representative Paul Ryan’s budget proposal “would literally be a death trap for seniors.”  Yes, she said “literally.”  I assume she knows what the word means.  Why would the Democrats put someone who couldn’t even pass a grade-school vocabulary test in charge of the DNC?

She also said the “Path to Prosperity” budget “passes like a tornado through America’s nursing homes.”  She’s not alone in using this kind of rhetoric, as the Democrat attempt to demonize Ryan, to cover their own absolute and complete poverty of ideas, quickly descended into violent serial-killer imagery across the board.

I’m just trying to keep in step with the “new tone” set by the DNC.  Obama’s threat is obviously meant to stiffen the spines of Democrats in the Senate, to keep that budget extension off his desk.  If he really did veto it, he would be vetoing a bill that funds payroll for American troops in harm’s way.  It is no more unreasonable to point out that he’s talking about sabotaging our military, to spend an extra $12 billion on his bloated and insolvent government, than it is to suggest Paul Ryan spends his days designing fiendishly complicated death traps for seniors.

So: bust out that veto pen and veto the troops, along with your presidency, Mr. Obama.  America dares you.  And if you don’t really mean to stand behind this threat, then you and your party need to stop wasting our time with cheap theatrics.

Update: In case there was any doubt, courtesy of Ace of Spades, confirmation that the Obama Administration is deliberately ensuring troops will not get paid during a shutdown.