De Pasquale’s Dozen: Doug Giles

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  • 09/21/2022

Last year at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, young conservative activist Hannah Giles was honored for her role in exposing ACORN.  At a table to the right of the stage, proud papa Doug Giles sat with a cigar in his hand. 

Giles is the host of Clash Radio, which he describes as “profusely packed with traditional values fueled by holy testosterone.”  He is also a columnist and the author of several books including If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going, A Time to Clash: Papers from a Provocative Pastor and How to Keep Jackasses Away from Daddy’s Girl. He seems to be very effective with the last one and the evidence speaks for itself.  The Giles girls have been very successful in their endeavors.  In addition to Hannah’s accomplishments, her sister, Regis, started her own company of cheeky attire for Second Amendment supporters called

Giles is an avid big game hunter.  His Facebook photo albums are filled with conquests and, surprisingly, some really good oil paintings inspired by his hunts.  I’d call him a renaissance man, but he probably requires a more testosterone-filled label.
Friend and columnist Dr. Mike Adams told me, “The best birthday of my life was my 40th, which I spent hunting with Doug Giles. After I shot a 200 lb. buck Doug shot a beautiful doe at about 325 yards. We ate her for dinner and Doug gave me a twelve-pack of Sam Adams to boot. Now that's a true friend and a true patriot!"

I’m not much into the hunting, but I’d be happy to take a few alligator-skinned boots after his next excursion.

1. If there were a television channel that only showed one movie over and over, what movie should it be?   

GILES:  Dumb & Dumber.  Hands down.  Dumb & Dumber.  I likey to laugh.

2. What's one of your favorite movie quotes?    

GILES:  “There are two kinds of people in this world, those who have bullets in their gun and those who dig. You dig?” – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

3. In A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell is strapped in with his eyes propped open and forced to watch images until he was "cured."  If you could give President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the "Clockwork Orange treatment," what movie would you make them watch?   

GILES:  That’s an easy question … The Patriot with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger.

4. What pop culture souvenir do you own that people would be surprised to learn that you cherish?        

GILES:  I’ve got a 16th-century leather-bound original of John Calvin’s commentary on the Book of Psalms.  Does that count?

5. What's your current "guilty pleasure" non-news television show?  

GILES:  Swamp People.  

6. What do you remember most about going to the movies as a kid?  How has that experience changed for the better or worse for your kids?

GILES:  When I was a wee little lad there weren’t any teenage orgies going down on the theater’s sticky floors or ninety cell phones ringing while the film was rolling.  In addition, the employees were, believe it or not, nice.  In addition, the night out didn’t set my dad back $100 to see a movie that reeked worse than a salami burp and we actually got to watch the show without pops having to draw his .357 Magnum to get the gold-toothed rapper to shut his ass up so we could hear Mary Poppins sing Chim Chim Cheree.

7. What was the first concert you ever attended and where did you sit and who went with you?   

GILES:  My first concert was in 1977 and the headliner was KISS.  However, it was the unknown Australian front band named AC/DC that blew me away.  Regarding where I sat, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a concert where I have sat down. For my first concert I believe I stood about ten bodies back in front of the stage with my main squeeze at that time. 

8. Comedians like Joy Behar, Aisha Tyler and Whoopi Goldberg have criticized people like Ann Coulter for putting jokes into their speeches and writing. What role do you think humor has in politics?      

GILES:  First off, Behar and Goldberg should quit blathering about the role of comedy in political discourse and worry more about trying to inject a little humor into their “comedy” acts. Especially Joy.  That old chick is one of the most nasty and dour nerve-grating dames on this planet.  Yecch!  I just threw up in my mouth a little bit just thinking about her.  Excuse me for a sec.  Okay, I’m back. Of course these screech owls want conservatives to dial down on the comedic relief.  The reason being is that once a pundit gets the crowd howling in laughter at a liberal tool, for whatever reason, it usually equates the marginalization of the comedian’s target in the public’s eye. 

9. If Republicans and Democrats had theme songs for 2010 what would they be?        

GILES:  GOP-  It better be BTO’s 1973 rock classic, “Takin’ Care of Business.”  DEMS- Um… let’s see … for the whiny and blame-shifting Dem’s I’m gonna go with Godsmack’s “Crying Like a Bitch” for their anthem.

10. What's the coolest thing you've been able to do because of your role in the political arena?    

GILES:  The coolest political thing I’ve been fortunate to be a part of, and I’ve lived a truly blessed life, was watching my daughter Hannah Giles topple ACORN from start to bloody finish.  Me, my wife, and my youngest daughter watched her hatch the sting, encouraged her when “friends” were discouraging her from doing it, cheered her on when she was risking her life and stood in awe how professionally and boldly she handled the insane pressure when the media tried to destroy her, James O’Keefe, Andrew Breitbart and us.  2009 was one helluva a year.  Cooler than cool.  RIP ACORN.

11. What one thing would you do as President "just because you could"?

GILES:  Well, it wouldn’t be an intern, or golfing, or going to Mumbai and renting the Taj Mahal, or quadrupling our national debt.  No, I’m thinkin’ more along the lines of a vacation.  And only one vacation.  Like at the end of both my successful terms. And only after I had successfully performed what I was elected to do, namely, undo the multifaceted ways BHO has screwed our nation.  If I performed my job well, then I’d be inclined to take two or three of my closest buddies and their families to Tanzania for a 28-day hunting safari in the Selous Game Reserve for elephant, lion, leopard, and buffalo using only English double rifles built in the early 20th century and insist that all the costs associated with the hunt be at my own expense.  Yep, that’ll work just fine for el Presidente Doug.  Also, I’d enact a federal law allowing citizens to tazer all loud chicks on cell phones (and guys that sound like loud chicks on cell phones), do away with shopping malls, and make broccoli illegal.

12. Tell me about the moment you decided to enter the political arena.  

GILES:  I’m one of those “9/11 Conservatives.”  When Muslims attacked us on 9/11, it woke my skinny narcissistic butt up on about fifty different fronts.



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