Video: Sharia Law Meets Shania Twain: Imagine!

I believe our effeminate, politically correct American culture, doesn’t stand a long-term chance in hell against Muslim mayhem. 

You know why?  There are two reasons:

1. We love Pepsi and they love death. 

2.  They lie like OJ and we’re disallowed by DC to use our Bulls**t Detector.

Hey, Slingblade.  Yeah, you… Mr. Nice Guy. 

Check it out.  If we don’t stop saying “okay” to Muslim zealots who hate the American way and … if we don’t drop our esprit de puss proclivities towards this sharia shizzle, and do it like today, then within the next 50 years our land of liberty will morph into AMERICANISTAN. 

Don’t believe me? Look across the pond. Europe is history as far as their heyday goes.

With diminishing birth rates and a thinning of skin, it won’t be too long before the Europe is Islam’s prison chick . . . mop head wig, lipstick and all girlfriend.

Having run out of analogies, adjectives and time, let me introduce you to my buddy, my pal, mi amigo, Skunk Boy who has put what I’m trying to impress you with in a song: