Is This the Democrat That Should Scare the GOP?

The best the Democrats have for support in 2010 elections aren’t looking too good.

The president’s approval numbers keep looking like a college football score. Pundits are even speculating the president needs Hillary Clinton to bail him out in 2012 by running as VP.

Remember, this is the Hillary that couldn’t get health care through. Ouch.

I’ve spent my formative years growing up with the fear of Hillary Clinton as president.  That fear has yet to die, since occasionally 2016 theories surface and now pundits are declaring an Obama-Hillary ticket (with her as VP) in 2012 would be the dream ticket. 

Honestly, even the Democrats have to be tired of touting Hillary at this point.

But now there’s another Democrat lady the party is now turning to: the First Lady. On the D.C. metro today, the front page of one of the papers had a huge picture of the First Lady with a headline, “Can She Save the Democrat Party?”

It’s not hard to tell that Michelle Obama has the ambition driving the first couple. It was reportedly her connections that got Barack into politics in the first place.  Remember those intense days on the campaign trail back in 2008? With her “first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country” comment, Michelle Obama showed us what she truly thinks.  Then came a makeover campaign later on in 2008 where she was painted in a softer light. The fashion stories helped. And behold, the poll numbers became things of beauty.

Now, at the same time pundits are debating whether candidates are distancing themselves from the president, the White House has said they want Michelle Obama to take to the campaign trail to help in 2010.

Yet even Michelle has fallen on rough times.  After controversy over a recent luxurious trip to Spain, a new poll shows her popularity has dropped 13 percent. And yet she’s the best the Dems have to offer.

It should be a good year for the GOP in 2010.


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