Constituents Like Brewer Better Than Obama

Obama gave what was supposed to be a major speech today on immigration, but the most surprising thing he said was a line praising George W. Bush – sadly for conservatives, the praise was for Bush’s previous efforts on amnesty.

Obama covered a range of topics he thinks should be included in immigration reform and wrapped it up with a good partisan line about how he, the majority of Democrats, and the majority of Americans are ready to move forward on the immigration issue (apparently forgetting the federal government is already the caboose in this situation).

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) had a response to that in a statement released this afternoon, “President Obama promised the American people that he would make immigration reform a priority during his first year in office. Eighteen months into his presidency, he continues to deliver words, but no action.”

In his speech, Obama said there are more boots on the ground on the southwest border than ever before and that those who are currently here illegally need to get right with the law – register, pay fines, pay taxes, learn English – before standing in line for citizenship.  So, in other words, it sounds like “tough amnesty” talk – if that’s not an oxymoron. He also criticized Arizona’s immigration law.

Meanwhile, Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s job approval rating is blowing Obama’s out of the water. Fifty-eight percent of voters in the state approve of the job she’s doing, according to a Rasmussen poll released today – up from 41 percent approval vs. 55 percent disapproval in March. Her current disapproval number has dropped to 40 percent.

As for Obama, however, 44 percent of voters somewhat approve of the president’s performance, but 55 percent disapprove – similar to Brewer’s numbers in March.

Guess what happened between the improvement in Brewer’s numbers?  She signed the immigration law, which polled incredibly well across the United States. Should Obama take a hint?