UPDATE: Big Easy Beatdown of Jindal Top Campaign Fundraiser

There have been several updates to reports of the violent, brutal assault on Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown reported here on HUMAN EVENTS yesterday.  Bautsch is a top campaign aide to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

This morning at The Hayride, a local Louisiana publication, chilling new video of the gauntlet donors and delegates were forced to run through a group of anarchist protesters when leaving the event at Brennan’s.  At one point, police were reported on the scene.

There are several new videos at the link

The Hayride has also done an extensive background report on some of the organizations and people involved in organizing the protest with links to their organizations, Facebook pages, attendance lists and fliers for organizing the protest.

From the report (much more at the link):

Founded in December 2003, the Iron Rail is committed to anarchist, anti-authoritarian, feminist, anti-racist, queer-positive and class-conscious politics, and to providing alternative literature and information to the people of New Orleans.

The Iron Rail Collective is representative of the type of organization hosting the protest.   

Then there’s the Iron Rail flier handed out on the streets urging people to go to the Brennan’s after party (photo at the link):

Some eyewitness material from Mick Wright at the Tennessee Conservative Blog illuminates a little bit more about how a relatively peaceful protest outside the Hilton Riverside on Friday night turned into something a bit more sinister.

Wright, who was at SRLC, went out among the protestors outside the Hilton. He picked up the flier you’ll see at the left, and with it provides us with some fairly strong proof that the Iron Rail Book Collective was behind not just the Hilton Riverside protest but the “afterparty” at Brennan’s. 511 Marigny Street is the Iron Rail address. Wright says the handwriting on the flier came from a protester he also saw taking video of the demonstration, and states that this clip was what he was shooting

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft (through Andrew Breitbart’s has a photo of the protesters at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans from the GOP photographer in attendance.

The photographer says: 

I am the photographer for the LA GOP and I was at the Brennan fundraiser. When I left about one hour or so after all 3 of the governors left the crowd of protesters had grown. The were very nasty, signs were vulgar using the “F” word. As I left the restaurant I was yelled at – there was a family visiting the restaurant with a baby stroller – they had nothing to do with the fundraiser and they were being heckled using the “F” and “MF” words.. A couple of them made comments to me. Thanks, Eric

WWL New Orleans has posted the police report (in its entirety at the link):

According to investigators, the victims were walking from a function at a restaurant in the 400 block of Royal Street. When they entered the 600 block of Saint Louis Street, three to five Caucasian males made derogatory comments to the 25-year-old female and her 28-year-old male friend. When the male victim turned towards the group of men, one or more of the suspects struck the victim several times. At some point the female victim fell to the ground and screamed. The suspects then fled on foot. Officers in the area heard the female screaming and responded to the scene and broadcasted a description of the suspects and requested Emergency Medical Paramedics. As the female was waiting for EMS, she used her purse as a pillow. When the victim was in the ambulance, she discovered her purse was missing.

According to the police report, Allee Bautsch still had her purse after the perpetrators fled, using it at a pillow while lying on the ground with a broken leg.  Doesn’t sound much like a random mugging.

Kyle Plotkin, spokesman for Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) informed HUMAN EVENTS yesterday there were “no Palin pins” involved in the assault but The Hayride has not retracted their initial report, only noted that the allegations have been questioned by the Jindal spokesman.

The police report appears to back up at least the allegation of a remark shouted at the victims before an attack that came with such swiftness that victims couldn’t tell how many perps there were.