Michael Steele Flies Coach

Michael Steele was on my painfully early flight back to Washington, DC Sunday morning after the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. I’d like to note to skeptical conservatives he and his staff flew coach.

The mainstream media continues to beat up Steele for what they are calling a “sex, and spending scandal" yet Steele himself was not even in attendance at the risqué nightclub in West Hollywood where RNC members were in town to recruit members to its “Young Eagles" program.

Erik Brown is allegedly responsible and Allison Meyers, Director of the RNC’s Young Eagles, was fired after she approved Brown’s expense.

As for overspending, the Daily Caller broke a story digging into RNC disclosure documents reporting that “A February RNC trip to California, for example, included a $9,099 stop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 dropped at the nearby Four Seasons."

While this may seem like a great deal of money, travel expenses, especially at last minute, can be pricey. The Chairman of the Republican National Committee, is required – as part of his job — to attend speaking engagements and fundraising events frequently. Lodging, transportation, and dining with the staff — required to be with you — can rack up those charges in one weekend easily.

Steele humbly admitted he had made mistakes in his speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference; likely alluding to comments he made about race on “Good Morning America" but he still rallied the crowd with several applause lines and was well received. (watch here)

Many criticize Steele for his boisterous nature in comparison to former Chairman Mike Duncan, but the RNC knew who Steele was when they elected him.

In March alone, Steele raised $11.4 million, “the most the committee has raised in March of a congressional-election year and the RNC’s best fund-raising month since Steele took control" reports Fox News. It’s the far left that wants you to believe he spends more than he raises.

To date 58 GOP Chairmen have signed a letter supporting Steele.

(Content taken from Daily Events a Human Events Publication)