Steele Will Stay, Despite Top Aide's Exit

Despite the resignation of the Republican National Committee’s chief of staff on Monday, sources told Human Events that RNC Chairman Michael Steele "was not resigning."

Steele has under fire for the past week over the handling of the committee’s finances.

 “Michael will not be resigning,” an RNC source who requested anonymity told us shortly after Ken McKay resigned as Steele’s top aide. “Most of the committee members do not want to see [Steele] quit and the matter involving [McKay] was strictly inside baseball.”  

By “inside baseball,” the same source explained, “Ken was not being allowed to do his job and administer within the RNC headquarters. There were definitely clashes with subordinates and, in the end, he chose to leave rather than deal with the infighting.”  MacKay was not available for comment last night.

In spelling out the reasons behind MacKay’s departure, the source insisted that—contrary to some of the suggestions in outlets such as Politico and the Huffington Post–“the recent controversy [regarding Steele and RNC finances] has nothing to do with Ken leaving—nothing at all.”

MacKay will be succeeded by the RNC deputy chief-of-staff Michael Leavitt.  A former executive director of the Maine Republican Party, Leavitt has helped in numerous winning GOP campaigns, notably that of Virginia’s Gov. Bob McDonnell last year.