Phillips Fellowship Offers Great Opportunity

The Phillips Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2009 Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship Program.  Open to print and online journalists with less than 10 years of experience, the program offers full-time fellowships of $75,000 and $50,000 and part-time fellowships of $25,000.  Fellowship recipients complete a one-year project of the their choosing, focusing on journalism supportive of American culture and a free society. Separate fellowships exist on the environment, on the benefits of free-market competition, and on law enforcement.

During the fellowship, journalism projects are delivered in four quarterly installments with the potential to be published either sequentially in a periodical or all together as a book. Fellowship topics last year ranged from America’s influence abroad to the university donor system at home.

Interested parties must be United States citizens and have applications postmarked no later than March 2, 2009. Winners will be announced at a National Press Club awards dinner in May. For more information and to complete an application form, click here.