McCain Back to 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform'; Has the 'Palin' surge ended?

New Polls Show McCain Slipping

In the Fox News/Rasmussen weekly poll, John McCain is up in Virginia, Ohio and Florida but is down in Pennsylvania, Michigan and in the national polling.  This polling report indicates that support has not necessarily increased for Barak Obama but has slipped for McCain.  

Of course, McCain is not helping matters as he talks “comprehensive immigration reform” on the campaign stump,  reminding folks of a “… little bit of history.  I knew if I did on the issue of illegal immigration was going to hurt me in my own party because I knew that I had to reach across the aisle to Ted Kennedy, and we had to work together for comprehensive immigration reform because we cannot have a continuing situation where there 12 million the law in this country illegally and broken borders… so we came up with a comprehensive plan, and we worked, and we worked, and abroad to the floor of the senate twice.  We came very close, and it cannot make me the most popular member of my own party, and it almost cost me the nomination of my party, but I believe we have to have a commitment because the national security issue as well as economic issues as well as a humanitarian issue that we enact comprehensive immigration reform.…”

Could McCain possibly not realize at this point that the base has rallied to Sarah Palin in spite of his illegal immigration and campaign finance reform (and more) debacles?  Campaign strategy advice to McCain:  Do not look at the positive response to Sarah Palin from voters and misapply it to yourself.  More torture from McCain’s “comprehensive immigration reform” speech from Fox News coverage here

White Democrats are Racists?

The so-called mainstream media is acting wacky again trying to help Barak Obama in his ultimate “community organizer” exercise, to get himself elected president.  The Associated Press and Yahoo teamed up with Stanford University to poll white Democrats — apparently the only people they could think of to blame right now for Obama’s failure to squash McCain in the pollsafter all they’ve done to promote him.  

Perhaps not wanting to further unite the Republican base by calling them racists, the AP/Yahoo/Stanford team polled only white Democrats and are accusing one-third of them of harboring negative views of blacks calling them “lazy” and “violent.”  I suppose the purpose of this little exercise was to prove that if Obama loses the presidential race, in their view and according to their logic, it will not be the fault of Obama’s radical communistic policies that frighten a great deal of Americans but it will be because the white Democrat blue-collar workers and union members are racist.  Read the AP/Yahoo report on the racial view of white Democrats here

Back to community organizing, Investors Business Daily has an excellent editorial out entitled How Obama applies Alinsky’s rules explaining exactly how much influence the radical communist community organizer Saul Alinsky has had on Obama.  Alinsky dedicated his community organizing premier, “Rules for Radicals” to mankind’s “first radical, Lucifer.” From the link:  “And work for radical change from the inside — ‘like a spy behind enemy lines,’ as Obama said in his first memoir. He wrote it before entering politics, while still working with hard-left Alinsky groups and training street agitators known as ‘community organizers.’”

Obama continues his misrepresentation of McCain on the issues, this time telling an audience of Social Security recipients that their money would be in the stock market right now under McCain’s plan.  Usually Obama cheerleading news outlets, the Washington Post and Newsweek in a surprise move both called Obama on the “whopper” a.k.a. lie.