My Message to the Republican Governors

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) meets this Thursday in California. They’ve asked me to lead a program on transforming government for them, and I am honored to accept.

I’m excited about this opportunity because governors are in a powerful position to help lead their citizens to expect — and receive — more effective, efficient policies from government. Washington may be trapped in red-versus-blue partisan bitterness, but many state governments are more open to a dialogue about new solutions and new approaches.

I am especially grateful to Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) of my home state of Georgia for inviting me. Gov. Perdue helped us launch the American Solutions movement in September, and he is determined to play a similar role in developing a revolution in productivity and effectiveness for government at the state level.

Ten Key Steps to Fundamental Transformation of the Bureaucracy

On Thursday, I will be outlining for the governors 10 key steps to fundamental transformation of the bureaucracies and systems we rely on today.

My entire presentation will be on C-SPAN (just go to for scheduling details).

My thoughts on transformation of government have been shaped by the beliefs of the American people. To see what I’m talking about, go to There you will find $428,000 in research data from six national surveys for you to study and think about.

The 10 topics I will cover at the Republican governors’ meeting are:

  1. Moving from the world that fails to the world that works: See the "FedEx vs. Government Bureaucracy" video on for a simple three-and-a-half-minute explanation.
  2. The coming revolution in science and technology: There will be four to seven times more scientific innovation in the next 25 years than there was in the last quarter century. This explosion of innovation will lead to the potential for new solutions in energy, the environment, health, learning and other fields.
  3. Prizes as a model for accelerating new ideas and new developments: Prizes, as opposed to bureaucratic government programs, allow everyone to compete in actually making things work.
  4. Using a system of values, vision and metrics to establish what people want from their lives, their society and their government: We need to create open, transparent and accountable measures of whether the current systems are achieving these goals. We have to be willing to rethink everything until the goals are achieved.
  5. Learning from the Giuliani-Bratton success in New York and Los Angeles: Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton transformed New York and Los Angeles by applying a system of evidence-based government to dramatically reduce crime (New York is the safest large city per thousand people in America today, and Los Angeles is second). They also applied this same model to other aspects of government (see Dennis Smith’s workshop at for details).
  6. Developing a commitment to legal immigration and learning English: Understanding and protecting American civilization requires assimilation into American culture, English as the official language of government, intensive English language instruction for new immigrants that need it and a renewed commitment to American history.
  7. Creating a 21st-Century personal intelligent health system: This is the basis for better health, longer lives, lower costs and an opportunity to insure every American at a reasonable cost (go to for more information).
  8. Developing a new, entrepreneurial, science- and technology-based green conservative solution to the environment: "Green conservatism" is outlined in my recent book Contract with the Earth (with Terry Maple as my coauthor).
  9. Launching a new contract with younger Americans: More younger Americans need to be engaged and challenged to a better future than methamphetamine addiction, dropping out of school and boredom.
  10. Focusing intensely on cultural change where it’s most needed: Changing the destructive cultures in the poorest and least healthy parts of America, including our prisons.

After covering these ideas, we will have an hour for discussion on how to apply them to state government.

Coming Next Week: A ‘Platform for the American People’

Finally, at the RGA meeting this Thursday, I will outline the concept of a "Platform for the American People," which is something I will write you about next week. I will also be discussing this topic December 4in Iowa.

I hope you will take a few minutes later this week to view the Republican Governors Association meeting, either on C-SPAN (go to for scheduling information) or at It is going to be filled with ideas and proposals for a more effective and more prosperous future.

P.S. — This week will be a busy one for me on C-SPAN. Next Sunday, on C-SPAN2’s "Book TV," they have invited me to spend the entire program from noon to 3pm (EST) discussing the books I have written over the years. If you have friends who enjoy reading, you might invite them to tune in.

P.P.S. — Look out later this week at for the chance to get signed copies of many of my books for your friends and loved ones — a great gift for Christmas. If you’d like to be notified as soon as they’re available, send us a note here.


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