Immigration Deal Tonight?

A highly-placed senate source confirmed to me this afternoon that a deal on a Senate immigration bill is expected tonight. Closed-door meetings continue, and the Dems are negotiating as the Soviets used to: as soon as the deal is made, they reopen one part that was already settled.

At issue now is the issue of “chain immigration.” That’s when an immigrant brings in relatives. The deal earlier was that chain immigration was limited to immediate family members. Now, the libs are reopening it to include whomever (a third cousin from down south or second cousin once removed who’s spent the last six years in Afghanistan). The libs are getting all the mileage they can from the Republicans.

As they say in my old neighborhood, we have to go to the mattresses on this. Call your senators now. Each can be reached through the Capitol switchboard, 202-224-3121. Call now, call later, and keep calling.

No deal should be made without revealing it to the public. Harry Reid will keep the details from us — and from Senate conservatives — until the last possible minute.


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