Congressional Republican Leadership Elections

This is your complete guide to coverage of the Republican leadership elections. The following is a breakdown of HUMAN EVENTS’ coverage of the races for minority leader, minority whip and Republican Conference chairman.

House Minority Leader

Rep. John Boehner’s Announcement: “I am running as one who knows how to build teams; how to articulate a vision for the future; how to set bold goals that bring out the best in our team; and how to achieve those goals. I’ll be asking you to work hard, but I’ll work harder. Working together, and playing to win, we can come back as a renewed, strengthened majority.”

Rep. Mike Pence’s Announcement: “I am running for Republican leader, because I believe that we did not just lose our Majority—we lost our way. We are in the wilderness because we walked away from the limited government principles that minted the Republican Congress. But there is a way out.”

House Minority Whip

Rep. Roy Blunt’s Speech: “We need a cultural change in Washington. We need to establish a culture of limited government to replace the big government culture of excess. One reform I propose we adopt would require every plan to expand government to be accompanied by a proposal to eliminate or reduce an existing program of equal or greater size. Let’s turn this argument around.”

Rep. John Shadegg’s Announcement: “We may be fewer in number, but we can be more united and therefore, more effective in the next two years as we lay the foundation for the re-ascension of the Republican Party in the House. We must all work together to rebuild the trust America placed in our party in 1994 through 2004.”

House Republican Conference Chairman

Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s Announcement: “In order to improve our message development and deployment we need Members directly involved. I believe Members ought to speak first at our weekly Conference meetings, not last. Our first and foremost order of business must be to defend and support House Republicans, and do it aggressively. We all know the Conference must evolve and function more like a marketing firm serving a diverse client base—our Members.”

Rep. Jack Kingston’s Announcement: “Messaging is everyone’s job. Over the years I’ve learned that the biggest mistake conservatives make is not showing up. I have developed strong press ties from print to radio to television to the internet. In fact my office had one of the first successful blogs in the Congress. I will work with each of your offices to assist your press outreach effort with innovative ideas and new opportunities.”

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