Poor Tasini

Hillary crushed all opposition (such as it was) on her way to winning her party’s nomination. For example, antiwar Democrat Jonathan Tasini needed 25 percent of the delegates’ vote to get on the ballot, but instead he got 0 percent. While 250 media outlets came from around the world, there was just one camera (and four supporters) when Tasini held a news conference at the convention.

"As a Democrat, it makes me feel sad," he complained. "How are we different from Republicans if we’re going to squelch debate?"  That’s some typical liberal logic: he is unpopular and no one wants to vote for him, so that means the powers-that-be are squelching debate. Tasini could still collect 15,000 signatures of registered New York Dems, including at least 100 signatures in at least half of the state’s Congressional districts, but the odds are long against him accomplishing this feat.