Destroying Innocent Human Life

Hillary recently issued a press release celebrating and complaining about the one-year anniversary of the House of Representatives passing H.R. 810, which supports federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. It seems that as happy as Mrs. Clinton is to see legislation that proposes to destroy innocent human life with taxpayer dollars, she is miffed that the Senate hasn’t taken up the bill.  But at least it gives her a chance to demonize Republicans.  "Despite significant bipartisan support for this legislation, Senator Frist and the Republican leadership have refused to allow this bill to come to a vote on the Senate floor," accused Hill. So much for the fallacy of Hillary being moderate on pro-life issues. Embryonic stem cell research is already perfectly legal in the U.S. and can be paid for with private funds, but she wants the practice to have the full endorsement of the federal government. She is the same way with abortion, as she has consistently supported having Uncle Sam pay for abortions under Medicaid and other federal programs.