Republicans Who Supported Amnesty Bill Will Regret It

After months of debate and public outcries from supporters and critics of illegal immigration, the Senate voted 62-36 tonight in favor of a plan that nearly all conservatives are calling a massive amnesty. By doing so, the Senate has effectively declared war on the House of Representatives, which last December approved a plan emphasizing border security.

Four Republican senators who are frequently mentioned as potential presidential candidates in 2008—Majority Leader Bill Frist and Senators Sam Brownback, Chuck Hagel and John McCain—disregarded the concerns of the American people in favor of a bill praised by the Democratic Party and liberal lion Teddy Kennedy.

I’ve just finished sorting through the dozens of statements that have poured into my e-mail inbox throughout the night expressing approval and disapproval for the bill. I’ve broken them down into the four categories. I believe these statements—particularly those of the bill’s supporters—will have a profound effect on these politicians, particularly the Republicans. Twenty-three Republicans voted in favor of the bill, and perhaps they won’t be turned out of office in 2006, but this vote won’t be one they soon forget. Conservatives should make it a point to remind them.